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Indulge Your Skin – Naturally

At Soap Opera we have Naturopathically formulated a range of 100% Natural and luxurious body scrubs to indulge yourself, nourish your skin and treat the senses.

Give your skin a natural Glow

Made with a Macadamia Nut oil and Cocoa Butter, our body scrubs leaves your skin feeling soft by gently removing dead skin and revealing the glowing skin underneath. With no nasties added these luxurious body scrubs will keep your skin hydrated and smooth for days to come. Perfect to deeply cleanse the pores our scrubs help the skin to retain more moisture. Once rinsed off there is no need to moisturise after the shower.

Why do we use Sugar?

Our Body Scrubs are formulated with a Raw Sugar, not a salt or coffee, to ensure our body scrub is non abrasive and drying to the skin. Using Raw sugar as our primary ingredient ensures it can help to remove dry, flaky skin while also brightening tired and dull looking skin. Raw sugar provides a gentle exfoliation so that it can be used over the entire body, making our body scrubs perfect for sensitive and all skin types. It is the ideal pamper product for you or someone special.
Use once a week to promote smooth and healthy looking skin.

Which Scent is for you?

At Soap Opera we created four different Body scrubs to keep your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturised all year round! Select from our top picks for the seasons or stick with your favourite, there is something for everyone.
‘Revitalise’ is our go to in summer to give your skin that glorious glow, ‘Replenish’ in Autumn to wake up the skin and prepare for cooler weather, ‘Spearmint’ in winter to invigorate the senses and wake you up on the frosty mornings and our new favourite ‘Balance’ in Spring for a sweet floral scent and to stop the “winter blues”. Fantastic for every season our Body Scrubs are the best way to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin all year round.

Want a little more?

Try our hemp exfoliation range for that extra exfoliation during the week, or use with our Body scrubs during application.
Select from our range of body butters to hydrate and moisturise your skin for the rest of the week and create the perfect, natural skin care routine!