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Key Ingredients: Pure Essential Oil of Geranium, Pure Essential Oil of Lavender, Pure Essential Oil of Patchouli, Pure Essential Oil of Sweet Orange

About Balance Scrub & Mit Gift Box

Indulge your skin in the ultimate pamper session with our Balance Sugar Scrub and Hemp Hand Mit.
Our sugar scrubs are made from raw natural sugar as opposed to salt or coffee that can be drying and can irritate the skin with repeated use. Combined with Australian organic Macadamia nut oil and 100% natural pure essential oils, the skin is left with a smooth silky appearance that doesn’t require a moisturiser after exfoliating. The scrub can be used all over the body. All of our products are hypo allergenic with natural plant based ingredients and fabulous even for tradies to clean the inground dirt and grease in the creases of the hand.
Use with our Hemp Mit made from natural Hemp fibres. This hand mitt is ideal for exfoliating to remove dead skin and encourage a more natural glowing skin.

Product Features

Vegan Friendly

This product does not use or contain animal products or by-products of any kind, and is safe for vegan usage.

Cruelty Free

This product is manufactured and tested by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals.

Palm Oil Free

Product does not contain palm oil, nor does it use palm oil in the manufacturing process.

Key Ingredients

Pure Essential Oil of Geranium

Wonderfully stimulating, Geranium is often used to soothe burns, small wounds, ulcers and other similar skin issues. Also effective at easing nose bleeds, heavy periods and minor haemorrhaging, as well as useful in treating jaundice and gall stones. A great detoxifier, geranium has a balancing effect on the nervous system which can help to lift spirits and ease stress.

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Pure Essential Oil of Geranium

Pure Essential Oil of Lavender

A sweet, floral scent with woody undertones, Lavender is naturally calming, promotes consciousness and creates a general sense of wellbeing. Traditionally, lavender has been used to alleviate neurological issues, such as migraines, stress and depression. As a scent, lavender can also be used to as a remedy for sleep disturbances and fatigue. Lavender oil specifically, is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can be used to treat minor burns and skin irritations by inhibiting the bacteria which can cause infections. New research also suggests lavender can be effective in treating alopecia, a medical condition which involves hair loss from some or all of the body.

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Pure Essential Oil of Lavender

Pure Essential Oil of Patchouli

Used for centuries as a traditional Asian medicine, Patchouli is extremely effecting in treating skin and hair issues such as dry skin, dandruff and oily scalp. Also useful for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks, as well as age spots, wrinkles and cellulite.

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Pure Essential Oil of Patchouli

Pure Essential Oil of Sweet Orange

Beneficial in skin care to revive dull skin, as well as cleansing oily completions, Sweet Orange oil can also help relieve minor skin irritations and dry skin. Helping to detoxify the body by balancing water retention, this oil also helps to boost the immune system and promotes a general sense of well-being.

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Pure Essential Oil of Sweet Orange


  • Raw SugarRice Bran OilMacadamia OilEmulsifying Wax (vegetable derived)Cocoa ButterSteric Acid (vegetable based)Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol (vegetable derived)Cocoa ButterPure Essential Oil of LavenderPure Essential Oil of Sweet OrangePure Essential Oil of Patchouli and Pure Essential oil of Geranium
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