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Hydrate this Winter – Naturally

Look after your skin this Winter

One of our all time favourites, this Facial Serum has been Naturopathically formulated and made from 100% natural and pure oils, containing no fillers or alcohols our facial serum is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. With a rich golden hue this facial serum is everything your skin needs.

Why choose Soap Opera’s Facial Serum?

100% natural, this facial serum is the perfect addition to your skin care routine. Recommended to use morning and night, it can replace the moisturises, night creams, eye creams and primers you currently use, while still providing all the essentials your skin needs. 

Made with 10 natural and pure oils our facial serum is rich in Kukui nut and Sea Buckthorn oil to stimulate collagen synthesis. Blended perfectly with Rosehip Oil; high in vitamin A and essential fatty acids; our facial serum helps to moisturise and promote the skin to regenerate. 

Enriched in Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba Oil it is especially good for sensitive and dry skin types as these oils contain anti-inflammatory properties. While also rich in vitamin E this acts as our natural preservative but also to help with skin repair. We use a Macadamia nut oil to assist with itchiness and redness as it is rich in essential fatty acids, along side Jojoba oil it penetrates the skin for deep hydration which can assist in preventing fine lines. Combined with a Calendula oil it acts as a natural antiinflammatory, and is rich in antibacterial properties that can assist with healingwounds, soothing eczema and is fantastic for acne. Our Facial Serum contains an organic Cucumber oil that is excellent in improving the skins firmness.

Our serum has a beautiful floral and earthy scent provided by Sandalwood Australian pure essential oil and Rose in Jojoba that also help to soothe sensitive and aggravated skin. 

Can you use the facial serum with make up?

Yes, as it creates an oil free surface to give a soft, smooth, and clean feel on the skin. Perfect to replace those high-in chemical primers, our facial serum will make your skin look hydrated and provide a fantastic base before your make up. 

Pair with our facial scrub for beautifully soft skin.