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SoapOpera - Australian Made

Formulated to moisturise and restore the natural balance of hair, body and face, our pampering products are handmade with high quality, plant-derivatives, certified organic ingredients and pure essential oils.  We believe everyone should experience the benefits of luxurious, natural and sustainable skincare. As a qualified Naturopath, with over twenty years’ experience in the development of natural therapies, owner operator James Sukroo believes in nutrients, not toxins. Soap Opera products are 100% pure and natural, designed to clean, moisturise and scent the body, without harsh chemicals, parabens or preservatives and without testing on animals.

Featured Products

Hayfever Relief Pure Essential Oil Roll On



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Kunzea Ambigua Oil

clean, spicy, and woodsy aroma


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Hand Sanitiser 100ml

Pure essential oil blend for a fresh clean scent

$12.95 $10.00

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Pure Essential Oil Roll-On Pack

Headache, Stress Less & Sleep Well

$59.85 $54.95

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Balance Body Scrub

our new take on the "Beautiful" Scrub


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Facial Serum

Nourish your skin


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Treat Someone Special

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Naturopathically Formulated Skincare made in Australia


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Our latest news

Soothe the skin, Naturally.

At Soap Opera we pride ourselves on being able to create 100% natural skin care for everyone. James our founder and Naturopath first begun our journey with the ‘Soothe’ range that was specifically designed for sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis and babies skin. Naturopathically Formulated with soothing Pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Sandalwood and […]

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Indulge Your Skin – Naturally

At Soap Opera we have Naturopathically formulated a range of 100% Natural and luxurious body scrubs to indulge yourself, nourish your skin and treat the senses. Give your skin a natural Glow Made with a Macadamia Nut oil and Cocoa Butter, our body scrubs leaves your skin feeling soft by gently removing dead skin and […]

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Hydrate this Winter – Naturally

Look after your skin this Winter One of our all time favourites, this Facial Serum has been Naturopathically formulated and made from 100% natural and pure oils, containing no fillers or alcohols our facial serum is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. With a rich golden hue this facial serum is everything your […]

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