Diffuser Petite Hand Held

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About Diffuser Petite Hand Held

The Petite hand held diffuser ultrasonic technology creates a fine mist that disperses tiny molecules of water and essential oil into the air, which can be easily absorbed by the skin, perfect for keeping your face hydrated and healthy.
Whether using the Petite hand held diffuser with or without essential oils, it is still an ideal way to… take a minute and chill out.

Product Features


Product kills and inhibits the growth of bacteria when used correctly.

How To Use

Charge the Diffuser using the USB cable provided (abt.1 hour)
Twist to cover to the right to remove
Add up to 15 ml of cold tap water to the water tank
Add one drop of pure essential oil/blend to the water
Replace the top cover, twist and secure
To turn, slide down the button
After approx. 60 sec of continuously mist the until will automatically shut off.
Slide up the button to turn off the mist
Do Not Overfill -Empty water often – Clean regularly
For further information please refer to the User Manual

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